Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sounds Like Espionage to Me...

The blogosphere, at least the on the right, is up in arms about the NY Times' publication of this story about efforts of the Treasury Department and the CIA to track the flow of money to terrorists. And with good reason. If you have time, read the article. Through it, the authors (Eric Lichtblau and James Risen) repeatedly report on administration and banking officials who "expressed reservations about the program." Yet not one source told the Times that he or she thought program was illegal. The Times, it seems, is grasping for straws - trying to catch the Bush administration in some sort of scandal instead of focusing on reporting the news.

Michael Barone poses the obvious question "Why do they hate us?" about the Times in this Real Clear Politics post. Everything I could say about this leak Barone says more elegantly and clearly. And frankly, the more I think about this the more upset it makes me, which usually results in a rather unfocused and confusing rant. So I'll let Barone talk for me.

What do you all think? Does the Times really see the administration as a bigger threat than the terrorists? Should the Times' decision makers face charges under the Espionage act or hearlded as defenders of America's rich tradition of freedom of speech?

Oh, and before I forget: shame on the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal for following in the Times' footsteps by leaking this story.


Anonymous Jason said...

Does the Times really see the administration as a bigger threat than the terrorists? Probably. That's sad and scary to say the least.

The Times' decision makers should be criticized as idiots who used freedom of speech as an excuse to be reckless and blatantly destructive.

While I think they deserve to face charges under the Espionage act, I don't think they should actually be charged. That would be a dangerous, slippery slope for the government to start down.

I WOULD like to see these rogue government officials identified and prosecuted, but I'm not familiar with how plausible that would be.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Jason said...

Ann Coulter calls for execution of New York Times reporters: "I prefer a firing squad, but I'm open to a debate on the method of execution. A conviction for treason would be assured under any sensible legal system."


10:19 AM  

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